September 2023 – MBCT are now the owners of our building and we are waiting for the lease proposal.
8th August 2023 – We are being asked frequently, ‘What’s going on?’  The purchase of the centre by MBCT is still going ahead.  These things just take a long time.  We’ll keep you posted.
We are pleased to say All Saints Church accepted an offer from the Marjory Boddy Charitable Trust.
Thank you for all your support.
Dear All,
Please find the link below to take you to the minutes of the public meeting on Monday 5th December 2022, which was held to update you on the future of the centre.
Printed copies are available from the centre and I can email you a copy if needed
I will try my best to answer questions however, here are email addresses that you might want:-
Chair of Hoole Community Development Trust (Hoole Community Centre) Rod Heather –
Richard Beacham, Councillor for Newton & Hoole –
Vicar of All Saints Church –
Samantha Dixon, Chester MP –
My apologies for taking so long.

Paula Norris